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hello guys hope you are having a superb day so there may be a pair special methods you may watch content material on let's assume your TV or your cellphone or your tablet one is via getting an app and two goes to a website so let's see you men recognise that there is a internet site manner viewing content so that you can watch definitely movies you may watch stay TV live sports that way and it is a pretty cool way in just from your browser so let's consider you're the usage of an iPhone or iOS tool in which it's a bit greater limited for apps this is at least every other manner that you may nevertheless watch content and I do that from my personal iPhone in case you're oh it is someplace you have got an appointment you have some time to kill I'll just open up this website or certainly one of the web sites and then you can definitely watch something all totally free and those that I'm going to reveal you these days one is for films and one is for TV shows however each of them are a bit bit precise I'm going to reveal you that and the only for TV is for us so it's were given a whole lot of us channels so with a bit of luck this allows you out and what I need to do with this video is if you guys have something else that you want to show and simply percentage you may definitely positioned into the remarks for every body to look so that way when you have some thing it is similarly as proper or better or just well worth looking at you can really put it within the feedback optimistically every body sees that then we can percentage and I think that's the pleasant manner high-quality factor about YouTube is we are sharing we're supporting each different out so this manner you can cut the cable only a very simple way by using your browser so permit's have a glance and actually it really works truely properly like I said on my iPhone you can apply it to Android Chrome I've used it on the pc any browser you like pretty a lot I could say the downloader browser is a piece greater easy it'll paintings however I suppose the silk browser is the nice manner to apply it on Amazon hearth device so I want to reveal you that way very easy and you may simply bookmark it you can cross into it simply effortlessly so permit's check it I know I advise the use of a VPN for any app or any website that you are going on so here I use ipvanish this one you may truly trade your usa all of them can but this one I'm in Canada however I set it to a server here getting correct speeds and it simply runs in the background runs mechanically after I begin my fire device and this manner just I from web sites or apps they is probably tracking you or or some thing worse however just guard your self and be personal with a VPN so I had special pricing on the description you can click on on or additionally on my website and you can virtually get properly pricing for a VPN so it's just a soap browser which you will just say internet in your in addition device you just go into it absolutely in case you want to position it as a bookmark so that you can simply cross proper to the menu so that you can press the Menu button and this could come up with a you can seek the net and here you can certainly bookmark so let's say you want to add something so I'm simply gonna delete this primary simply to reveal you so I'll press the menu button I'm simply going to delete that bookmark simply to show you so allow's positioned within the website here so it truly is one in all them us TV 24/7 dot TV I'm gonna press GO and it's gonna load this web page recognize that I want a e book marketplace I'm gonna press the menu button again at the faraway then simply pass all the way to the right to bookmark upload bookmark now it is gonna positioned it proper there and you could just go to your bookmarks certainly without difficulty so I can simply cross down and cross besides so right here you have got the US channel so you were given a channel list here however additionally you could just move down and you bought your icons so let's say you want to observe Fox you press it just gonna automatically pop up and cargo this is the fine element about it there is no upload or pop up at the display you'll have static advertisements or simply commercials round it however nothing too intrusive so I like that and then it's gambling and to get an simply complete display screen cross and watch it you just press proper there then it is full display screen and honestly high-quality pleasant and you can returned out and you can just go here you could click right here in case you need so if you want to watch Cartoon Network you just click on it there and it's going to routinely plate so that you don't do something not anything's stoning up there may be no grownup advertisements which you from time to time get with other websites so I birthday celebration without a doubt like this app for and then one cool issue is up right here you can go in a TV Guide and the to this point works quite properly so it is got your date it is were given your time it's going to automatically load and then you acquire one-of-a-kind colorings for leisure circle of relatives movies news and sports so let's say you need to watch ABC you simply cross watch from time to time that is going to robotically play and if that is what you want to look at and once it's playing then we can simply click on the overall display screen now you have got your channel so the guy it's actually cool so masses folks channels I'll display you the listing right here so you were given a few popular ones CBS you bought comedy ESPN the Food Network golfing HBO records lifetime National Geographic and FL lots of popular stuff stars sci-fi TBS CW TLC TNT us networks so lots of good channels for the u.S. So hopefully you want this one so absolutely attempt it to your browser see if you like it throw in a comment if you do I'd genuinely respect it but I think it is a terrific one I've been the use of it for a whilst thanks to my subscriber I do not bear in mind the name and I can not find that comment but you type of provided this for me so I recognize that perhaps you can throw it in the comment or yard nicely thank you again and then the second one I'm going to reveal you is for films and TV shows so once more you can bookmark this one too so this one seems like it's a tune one however it's now not it is simply for films and this one's genuinely music HQ internet so once more once you have it in and also you have it loaded then you definately simply press your menu button and you could do add bookmark and it is just gonna pop it down right here again now you can just go to it certainly easily so this one I'm going to reveal you a neat feature of it in only a 2nd so it's got numerous famous movies here you could discover it TV suggests here as nicely so mandalorian superb display so that you recognize masses of appropriate stuff and 4 films so shall we say you want to watch some thing just pick something here so when you press play once more no one genuine Civ adds nothing grownup stoning up you just press play and once more it'll be a windowed video so then you could go at the bottom nook and just make it fullscreen once it loads so proper there and this one absolutely so there's your fullscreen after which absolutely robotically will be in closed caption as English and if you need to flip that off you just go right here to off so up to now existing English but it's got subtitles constructed into it so it is absolutely satisfactory that way and right here if the one it really is your one that you're clicking on isn't working there may be different servers so right here it's rapid too you could additionally click on rapid one or there's our massive cloud one so you have got 3 one of a kind servers to watch it on so surely dependable to date pleasant pleasant works surely nicely so far so it's absolutely worth finding out and this is a cool feature of it so once we move right here to the menu you can really watch movies from your usa so if you're now not from america you're no longer from Canada you need to watch something permit's say from the sort of so Argentina Australia etc let's say you want to watch some thing you are in Germany you are from Germany you want to watch something in German here's all of the films that will surely be in German so pretty neat and you could nevertheless get the English subtitles it is going to be still English subtitles but it will nevertheless be that language from that u . S . so so again menu u . S . A . so shall we embrace you need to watch Japanese seems Japanese movies but it is going to be english subtitle which you could additionally flip off so a sincerely cool feature about I suppose and people are the 2 websites for nowadays so test it to your browser see if you want it so the one excellent for us TV indicates the alternative one fantastic for films of all exceptional international locations so with any luck that allows you men out and prefer I stated I simply need to percentage these with you guys in case you want to proportion some with me again I in reality recognize it after which anyone else can see them and they are able to strive them and we will reduce the cable collectively so I assume it is a cool way of doing that so permit's share it together and enjoy free content material collectively yeah that is the aim these days let's share and be unfastened you men just like the video if you do please subscribe please throw a like if you did and when you have any questions you may throw them into the comments honestly admire it admire the lake's appreciate all the top guide to date you may test out my social media if you haven't already for my Twitter and Instagram and thank you once more for looking we'll see in the subsequent video with a purpose to be regular take care guys have a great rest of the manner
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