How to Speed up Firestick Buffering - Step by Step Tutorial - June 2024

Your Firestick may lag or slow down for a number of reasons, including outdated firmware, caching, many background programs, or automatic app upgrades. I assure you that it isn't overly technical if it sounds that way. 

How to Speed up Firestick Buffering

Furthermore, I'm here to assist you in resolving your problem. You may restore the functionality of your outdated Firestick device with a few settings and tweaks.

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How to Speed Up Firestick Video Tutorial:

So guy’s let’s start with number 1:

1. Restart/Reboot Your FireStick

The most typical approach to troubleshooting Fire TV devices is to restart or reboot your Firestick. Background-running applications might slow down your Firestick and result in additional performance problems like lagging and crashes. Many of the problems could be solved by restarting the device.

2. Remove Unwanted Apps

The simplest and most effective approach to speed up your FireStick device is to delete unnecessary apps. Why? These applications take up some unnecessary space in your device's ROM storage. Additionally, the system will automatically download and install updates if the apps get them often. Additionally, these applications continue to function in the background, using RAM. All of these can cause your smartphone to lag.

3. Clear Cache of Apps

You'll only have the apps you'll use regularly after getting rid of the extraneous ones. It's possible that over time, the cache for these applications accumulated significantly and affected the device's speed. On your Firestick, I would advise emptying the cache of all lingering apps.

4. Keep Your FireStick Up to Date

It is essential to maintain your gadget updated in order to avoid security flaws, malware threats, and other problems that might cause it to function poorly. Keeping your Firestick's firmware updated might help it operate more quickly.

5. Disable Automatic App Updates

Most of the apps, both official and third-party, are updated from time to time. To make things easier, devices these days have the ability to automatically update apps. Although this is convenient, you can disable this option for various reasons such as slowing down your Firestick.

6. Turn Off Collect App Usage Data

This may not  directly affect the speed of the connected Firestick, but everything Firestick does consumes system resources. Therefore,  you can improve the functionality of Firestick by disabling features that are not useful.

7. Disable Featured Content in Fire TV Settings.

Return to Settings and select Recommended Content. Disable both video playback and enable audio autoplay. It automatically forces video ads, which are just  a still photo-image presentation.

You can optionally set Audio Only to OFF if you want to see  ads  without  sound, but note that there are no subtitles in this setting. Setting only video to Off is the same as setting both  to Off, as audio will not play without video.

8- install Background Apps and Process List.

Multiple apps running in the background can slow down your Firestick, consume more power, cause the device to overheat, and quickly use up random access memory (RAM). Force closing or pausing these apps optimizes  Firestick.

However, closing or terminating multiple programs one after the other can be overwhelming and time-consuming. A list of background apps and process apps will appear. It's a free app that lets you force  apps to run in the background on Android products, including Fire TV products, Android TV, tablets, and phones.

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