Best Kodi Forks in June 2024 for Firestick/Android

I've compiled the Best Kodi Forks for Kodi 21 Omega and Kodi 20 Nexus in this article, providing you a huge information's on How to Install the Best Kodi Forks for Firestick, Fire TV, Firestick 4K, Android TV Box, Mobile devices, Computers, and any other devices.

Best Kodi Forks for Firestick/Android

Kodi is a fantastic open-source, cross-platform, and free media player software program. It is among the best media player software for streaming because it allows for simple rebranding. The official Kodi software is superb in its own right. 

There are still a lot of Kodi Forks, though. The modified versions of the media player app are its forks. When programmers had the need to enhance Kodi's functionality and customize the user interface, they Forked the original code. There are many Kodi forks available today because it is a fantastic media player software program.

The fact that these Kodi forks may support several platforms is, however, their biggest feature. The best Kodi has been described in this article. Kodi Forks is a great way to keep your favorite kodi setup such as Android / Android TV Box, Firestick or Nvidia Shield on one version while testing addons, builds, and more with the other is a terrific way to use this method.

Kodi Builds and Addons Offer Unlimited Streaming Content, but could also get you into Legal Trouble if caught Streaming FREE Movies, TV Shows, or Sports.
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What are Kodi Forks?

A Fork is a Copy or Clone of the primary application. This implies that Kodi can be installed in more than one instance on a single device.

You might decide to run numerous Kodi instances because: Use an older Kodi version that is compatible with your preferred Build or addon if you wish. You might wish to experiment with a Fresh Kodi installation that won't change your current configuration.

You can run a Kodi fork separately from your original Kodi and addons and builds just like you normally would. Additionally, several Kodi Forks already have well-known builds or addons preloaded.

Best Kodi Forks for Firestick/Android/Nvidia Shield

  1. Zippojones007 Kodi Forks
  2. Funs Kodi Forks
  3. Doomzday Kodi Fork
  4. CMan Kodi Fork
  5. 7o9 Kodi Fork
  6. Red Wizard Kodi Fork
  7. BReeZz Kodi Fork
  8. Dr Venture Kodi Forks
  9. BMC Kodi Fork
  10. Set.It.Off.666 Kodi Fork
  11. Zeno1 Kodi Forks
  12. Random Kodi Forks
  13. ZMC Kodi Fork
  14. Enigma Kodi Fork

Best Kodi Forks Video Tutorial:

How to Install Kodi Forks?

  1. Select your favorite kodi fork from our Kodi Forks list above.
  2. Download it and then select Install.
  3. When the app has finished installing.
  4. Select Delete 2x to remove the installation file, as it’s no longer required.
  5. The Kodi fork is installed and will run alongside your existing Kodi app.
  6. Open it from your apps screen!
  7. Enjoy.

How to Use Kodi Forks?

When you launch Kodi, you could be asked to install a Build if the Kodi Fork already has one installed. You can install the Build by following the on-screen instructions.
You are not required to install the Build, though. Instead, you can close the Build wizard and go back to the Kodi home screen to add the add-ons or Build of your choosing. 
Install one of the addons for movies, TV shows, sports, or an alternative Build onto the Kodi fork by choosing from the options listed below.

Are Kodi Forks Legal?

Yes, it is legal to install Kodi Forks. It is, however, impossible to confirm whether unofficial (or third-party) addons and Builds that you may choose to install subsequently are disseminating illegal content. This suggests that you might be streaming copyrighted content illegally. You can end up in legal problems if you do this. As a result, you might opt to use VPNs with unapproved addons and builds.


Installing a fork of Kodi is a great way to try out different builds and add-ons without affecting your current Kodi setup.
Want to read more? Browse Kodi Forks Wiki

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