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Best Wireless Car Charger 2021 🔥 ACEFAST D1 Fast Wireless Charger Car Mount Holder

Best Wireless Car Charger 2021 🔥 ACEFAST D1 Fast Wireless Charger Car Mount Holder

Product link: https://amzn.to/3AYp3t7

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About this item:

[The wireless charger automatically adjusts and aligns the charging position of the phone to make wireless charging more efficient] Connect the ACEFAST wireless charger and QC3.0 charger adapter (not included) with the USB-C charging cable and power on. The ACEFAST wireless charger will automatically sense and adjust the charging coil to align with the wireless charging coil inside the phone and then charge the phone to improve the charging efficiency of wireless charging.

[Automatically clamp or release the phone with one touch] Touch the sensing area on the top of the phone holder with your finger, and the phone holder will automatically open or clamp. After opening the phone holder, put the phone in the phone holder for 3 seconds, the phone holder will automatically clamp the phone. Touch the sensing area on the top of the phone holder with your finger again, the phone holder will automatically open, and you can take out the phone, convenient and fast.

[Up to 15W wireless fast charging] ACEFAST wireless charger provides up to 15W wireless fast charging for cell phones that support Qi wireless charging. It is required to be used with a charger adapter that supports QC3.0 (not included) for 15W,10W,7.5W fast charging. 15W is suitable for LG G7/G8/V30/V30+, 10W is for Samsung S21/S20/S10/S9/Note20/Note10/Note9, 7.5W is for iPhone 12 Pro Max/12 Pro/ 12 mini/11 Pro Max/ 11 pro/Xs Max/Xs/XR/8Plus. 5W is compatible with all Qi wireless mobile phones.

[The ACEFAST wireless charger can charge a cell phone wearing a phone case (less than 6mm in thickness)] It can charge a mobile phone with a phone case, and the thickness of the phone case should not exceed 6mm(0.23inch), and there must be no metal in the contact area of the phone case and wireless charger. If the thickness of your phone case exceeds 6mm, or the back of the phone case has metal, please remove the phone case and place the phone on the phone holder for wireless charging.

[Three installation options, the phone holder can be expanded and contracted in a wide range of width 58-85mm, almost any smart phone can be clamped] The detachable large suction cup base can be firmly attached to the car center console or windshield. The air outlet clip can be firmly clamped to the air outlet of the car, which is convenient for the owner to install and use. The cell phone holder with a telescopic range of 58-85mm can hold any cell phone of 4.5 inches to 7.2 inches in size.

Product description:

Automatically align the phone for efficient charging

The ACEFAST car wireless charger has the exclusive technology to automatically adjust and align the charging position of the mobile phone, making wireless charging more efficient and energy-saving.

Quickly put in or take out the phone

The mobile phone holder can be opened or tightened with one touch to make it easier for placing or taking out the mobile phone, making driving safer.

With Foreign Obeject Detector, safer wireless charging

The Foreign Obeject Detector can detect whether there is metal between the mobile phone and the wireless charger. If metal is detected, it will automatically stop charging to prevent overheating.

Three ways to install and use

The ACEFAST car wireless charger can be installed on the dashboard, windshield or air vents of the car. Car owner can flexibly choose where to install the wireless charger according to car conditions and preferences.

The angle and length of the bracket can be flexibly adjusted

The angle of the stand and the mobile phone clip can be adjusted freely, and the stand can be extended and contracted to easily meet various usage needs.

Strong adsorption base, phone holder built-in protection pad for mobile phone

The large suction cup has a strong adsorption force and can be firmly attached to the dashboard or windshield of the car. The phone holder is equipped with a protective pad, which can not only hold the phone firmly, but also ensure that the phone will not be scratched.

Package includes:

1*Stand with suction cup base

1* Large base pad

1* Air vent clip

1* Wireless charger with phone holder

1* USB-C charging cable

1*Quick start guide


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