Hello guys, today we are going to review the ACEFAST AceSound T1 Wireless Earbuds.

The AceSound T1 are in-ears from the manufacturer AceFAST. They stand out especially. Are they worth a look or would you rather keep your hands off them?


Lets open the box and see what’s inside:


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The ACEFAST Acesound T1 comes in a visually striking green and white cardboard box. In addition to the headphones themselves, which are housed in the sleek black charging case, two additional ear pads (S and L), a 30 cm USB-A to USB-C charging cable and a multilingual user manual are included.


Design & workmanship

The AceSound T1 in-ears, including the charging case, are kept in a plain and good black – only the pads stand out a bit in the color gray. It would be nice to have a bit more variety here. The in-ear headphones are made of plastic and resemble Apple’s Airpods due to the longer ear cups.

The headphones weigh an average of 4 grams each and the charging case 34 grams. The charging case is small at 60 x 49 x 26 mm and is suitable for pants with small pockets..

The headphones are not protected against dust thanks to the IPX6 rating, but they are protected against splashing water. The AceSound T1 can therefore also be used in the rain or during sports without hesitation.

Wearing comfort and touch control

The ear pads hold well in the ear and do not fall out in my case. The wearing comfort is a subjective perception and can vary from person to person. Similar to shoes, not every shoe fits every foot. If you have smaller or larger ears, two additional pairs of ear pads are included.

Pairing the AceSound T1 went without a hitch. Just turn on Bluetooth on your phone, take one headphone out of the shell, wait a bit and you’re connected.

The backs of both earpieces have a control element and can be controlled via gestures. You can pause your current track with one touch on either seid or skip to the next or previous track by double-pressing the touch sensors. When you touch the in-ear three times your voice assistant, e.g. Google Assistant, is listening.

Solid sound with good bass

The AceSound T1s are solid in the treble range, while the midrange is a bit more subdued. In the low frequency range, they can definitely keep up and offer a good bass that is also convincing in the sub-bass. The bass can even keep up with good headphones and bass lovers who don’t want to spend a lot of money will definitely not go empty-handed with the Acefast AceSound T1. The sound of the in-ears is perfectly fine in relation to the price.

The T1 Wireless Earbuds has a also ENC feature, the ENC technology can effectively suppress 90% of the reverse environmental noise, thereby reducing the environmental noise by up to 35dB, allowing cell phone users to communicate more freely with the ENC noise cancelling wireless earbuds. Through the dual-microphone array, they accurately calculate the direction of the caller's voice, and while protecting the target voice in the main direction, they remove various interference noises in the environment to ensure clear call.


Silicon microphone, clearer call. Compared with wireless earphones that use condenser microphones to simulate sound output, the silicon microphone used in ACEFAST wireless earphones can convert sound into digital signals for transmission, making calls clearer.



Bluetooth range

Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 standard, the headphones have a range of almost 20 meters, which is a considerable value. AAC and SBC are used as the Bluetooth codec and are fully sufficient for general streaming services like Spotify and Netflix, but one should not expect much more.

Good battery life

The in-ears are equipped with a 400 mAh battery and are supposed to have a runtime of 4-5 hours. The charging case comes with a 400 mAh battery and can fully charge the headphones five times on a full charge. Charging the headphones takes about 90 minutes. The charging case is charged via the USB-C port on the bottom and needs 150 minutes for a full charge.


I like the AceSound T1s a lot. They offer a solid soundstage, which convinced me the most in the highs. The bass is just more than enough for the price, even in the sub bass. The battery life is decent at 4-5 hours and can be fully charged five times thanks to the case. The range is very good at just under 20 meters and can keep up with much more expensive models.

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Thanks for reading and see you soon.


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