Ugreen HiTune X6 Wireless Earbuds Review

 Hi guys, today we gonna review the UGreen HiTune X6 wireless earbuds.


UGREEN has launched its latest 2021 earbuds for their flagship HiTune X series lineup, the HiTune X6. This earbud features the latest in active noise-canceling technology, elegant design, better communication performance, and a sound quality that should be better than its predecessors.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it:

The UGREEN HiTune X6 comes in a black-ish packaging box that highlights the X6 marking series. The packaging itself is quite sturdy which is nice for traveling. It also highlights the actual picture of the product as well as its active noise canceling feature.

Opening the box reveals a protective cover made of Karton. It also contains information about the control functionality of the earbuds. A nice touch here UGREEN, more reasons not to read the user manual. Flipping over the cover reveals the charging case, a compartment containing the charging cable, extra pairs of ear tips, and the manual which is tucked inside the cover of the box. I’m digging this packaging personally, it already feels premium overall but preference will still play and major factor here.


Taking all the contents out, you will get a free USB Type-C cable for charging the case and the earbud with the case and a user manual. Other than that, you will get 2 extra pieces of silicone ear tips in different sizes to accommodate a wide variety of ear sizes.


Build quality and features:

The UGreen HiTune X6 has a matte grey finish. The size of the case of the UGreen HiTune X6 is also larger, but still is fairy compact to put in your pockets. The UGreen HiTune X6 now only displays a single LED indicator at the front.


The earbuds on first glance looks to be the same design and shape ,but there are actually small changes to the shape on the UGreen HiTune X6, which has a slightly longer stem which is angled straighter. Other than that, the UGreen HiTune X6 still retains that oval pebble shaped look that the HiTune X5 had. Build quality is as good, and has the same water-resistance rating of IPX5.



The UGreen HiTune X6 utilises touch controls. You will be able to control all functions fromplay/pause, adjusting volume, skipping of tracks, and answering calls. The touch controls are responsive but again causes me to accidentally adjust the volume when wearing the earbuds.


UGreen HiTune X6 also has a ‘Gaming’ mode which can reduce latency to 50ms, which is 20ms lesser than what theHiTune X5 offers. You can trigger this mode via 4 taps on either earbud.


Ugreen HiTune X6 Wireless Earbuds Review

Battery life:

The UGREEN HiTune X6 comes with an overall battery capacity of 600mAh in which 500mAh for the case and 50mAh for each earbud. At 0% capacity for both the earbud and the charging case, it took us about 2 hours and 20 minutes to achieve 100% full charge for all devices. For our charging test, we used a charging power brick that’s capable of fast charging and supports quick charge technology as well as Power Delivery technology.


For usage capacity, the HiTune X6 is rated to last up to 6 hours of single-use but of course, to achieve the given rating of the manufacturer, you have to meet certain factors to achieve it. In this case, the earbuds were rated with 80% volume. In our test, it lasted us 5 hours and 10 minutes but this is given that the distance between the device and the earbud is changing constantly.



The UGreen HiTune X6 is comfortable and light. The fit you largely depend on the ear tips you are using. The ear tips on the UGreen HiTune X6 seems to be slightly firmer, so it feels a little more substantial in my ears. The oval pebble design of the UGreen HiTune X6 helps to keep the earbuds snug in my ear canal.


If you want to use just one earbud, you can use either the left or right earbud. The connection from one earbud to both in use resumes instantly the moment you remove second earbud from the case.


Ugreen HiTune X6 Wireless Earbuds Review

Sound quality:

Out of the box, the sound quality of the HiTune X6 is surprisingly good. The audio quality is crisp and solid with detailed highs to mids and has a strong bass overall. We’re surprised that despite the lack of equalization modes to configure the sound to your preference, the bass packs a punch. A feature that’s not easily achieved by most earbuds at this price range.


Considering its features, functionality, and sound quality, this earbud is definitely one of the best earbuds of 2021. It has excellent sound quality overall that places the earbud on a league of its own. The sound quality is detailed, loud, clear, crisp, and solid overall and it does not lack any form of audio tones.


Surprisingly, the earbud is capable of handling audio at a maximum level which is outstanding. A definitive improvement over the HiTune x5.


Overall, everything is there and is a well-round mix from all tones. It offers superb sound quality like no other.


The pairing was incredibly fast with the HiTune X6. The moment I opened the charging case, my Windows PC and Smartphone already asked me if I want to pair it with the HiTune X6 which is excellent. I didn’t have to perform any steps to set the device in pairing mode.

There is also no latency or lag when watching YouTube videos from the YouTube app on my smartphone using the default audio mode (not the ‘Gaming’ mode).


Ugreen HiTune X6 Wireless Earbuds Review

ANC quality:

ANC performance on theUGreen HiTune X6 is decent. It is able to reduce the overall volume of noise in general and works best when the noise are of low frequencies. Higher frequencies noises such as train squeal is challenging but you can still feel a reduction of the sound to something that is more of a hiss than a squeal.


Microphone quality:

Microphone on the UGreen HiTune X6 is largely ok to use, the UGreen HiTune X6 seems to focus more on the higher frequencies so while my voice sounds forward it also feels a little thin as there is a slight lack of depth to it. When background noise is introduced, the UGreen HiTune X6 is able to cancel out the noise decently well and keeps my voice as the main focus.



The UGreen HiTune X6 offering ANC poses a great appeal to those who want ANC but don’t want to pay a large sum for it. whoever the X6 would be an ideal balance for you.

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