How to Check Kodi Error Log for More Information and Quick Fix

In this guide, I will show you how to check the Kodi logfile on Kodi 19.3, 18.9 & Kodi 17.6. The guide covers the manual process for all the popular Kodi supported devices. You will also get the detailed instructions to install relevant Kodi addons

check kodi log for more information

Why do I need the Kodi log file you may ask? Kodi is a great media player, used by millions worldwide. But, it is not perfect. Sometimes, you bump into errors that don’t seem to go away. You may then seek help in the Kodi official forums or from a Kodi expert you may know. The one who troubleshoots your issue is likely to ask you for the Kodi log file. You might have noticed the message “Check the log for more information” along with errors on Kodi. The log file contains information specific to the error, thereby allowing us to find more relevant and accurate solutions.

In this guide, you will learn how to check the log on Kodi. First, you will see how to manually find the Kodi log file residing in the device storage. Later, I will introduce you to two Kodi addons that let you access the Kodi log location from within the Kodi app. Keep reading! 

How to Check Kodi Log Manually

You could also check the Kodi log file manually. The log file is a simple text file. Therefore, you can open it with any basic text editor/viewer such as Notepad on Windows.

You will need to manually navigate to the folder on the device storage where the log file resides. The path to the folder varies across devices.

Here is the list of Kodi log location by devices. In the event, you can’t find the file, use the Kodi Logfile Uploader add-on.

Check Kodi Log File on Windows

Windows users can follow the path below.

Windows Drive (usually C:) > Users > {username} > AppData > Packages > XBMCFoundation.Kodi_4n2hpmxwrvr6p > LocalCache > Roaming > Kodi > Kodi.log

Locate Kodi Log on Mac

If you are a MacBook user, you should find the Kodi log file at the following location.

Users > {username} > Library > Application Support > Kodi > Kodi.log

Find Kodi Log location on Android

Device Storage > Android > Data > org.xbmc.kodi > files > .kodi > temp > kodi.log

In Android devices, the “.kodi” folder is hidden. You will need to unhide it first to access the log file. All file manager apps have an option in the settings to unhide the hidden folders and files. For instance, if you are using ES File Explorer, you can make the hidden folder and files visible by turning on ‘Show hidden files’ from Settings > Display Settings.

check the log for more information kodi error

Check Kodi Log on iOS

private> var > mobile > Library > Preferences > Kodi > kodi.log

Kodi Log File on Linux

Linux users can check log by following the path below-

Root folder > .kodi > kodi.log

How to Check Kodi Log on FireStick Using ES File Explorer

You can use any file manager to view the Kodi log file, which is saved on the FireStick storage. I prefer ES File Explorer, which is one of the best FireStick apps to explore FireStick storage.

1. Select Find.

2. Click Search.

3. Type in ES File Explorer. Select ES File Explorer in the search result and click it by pressing the select button on your remote.

how to check kodi log on firestick

4. Select Es File Explorer.

5. Click Download.

6. Wait for Notification. Then, click Open.

7. On the first start-up, you’ll receive some pop-up.

In the first one, click Agree.

8. Click Allow.

9. Click the X button to close the ES Premium ad.

10. Now, open Settings option from the left-side.

firestick kodi log

11. Click Display Settings.

check the log for more information firestick

12. Scroll down to Show hidden files and enable it by checking the box next to it.

kodi log file location firestick

13. Go to home screen of ES File Explorer and click Home.

14. Now, open the Android folder.

kodi error log firestick

15. Select data.

16. Click org.xbmc.kodi.

17. Select files folder.

18. Select the .kodi folder.

19. Click the temp folder.

20. You will see the kodi.log file here.

how to check kodi log on firestick

So, this is how you check the Kodi log on your FireStick or Fire TV device. If you got a new Fire TV Stick and don’t have Kodi on it, follow the below resources link.

View the Kodi Log with ‘Log Viewer For Kodi’ Addon

If for some reason you cannot navigate to the log file on your device storage, you can always use a Kodi add-on called Log Viewer for Kodi. This add-on will let you view the logs from within Kodi, without you having to look up for the folder.

Log Viewer for Kodi is available in the official Kodi Add-on repository. I will show you how to install this add-on. Here are the steps.

1. Click on the Settings Gear icon located on the top-left side of your screen.

2. Select Add-ons option.

Kodi error log

3. Open Install from repository.

Kodi log location

4. On the next screen click Kodi Add-on repository.

kodi error log

5. Scroll down a bit and select Program add-ons.

how to check kodi log

6. Now scroll down all the way to the L section. A bit of scrolling will be required. Select Log Viewer for Kodi.

how to check log on kodi

7. Simply click the Install button on the bottom left of the next screen to install Kodi Log Viewer add-on.

Kodi log viewer

8. Wait for the add-on to install. It should not take more than 30 to 60 seconds. When the installation is complete, a notification will appear saying Add-on installed on the top right.

Kodi log location

9. Now go back to the Kodi home screen and navigate to Add-ons > Program Add-ons. You will now see the Log Viewer for Kodi add-on among other program add-ons. Click it to open the add-on.

check the log for more information kodi error

10. You will now see three options – Show LogShow old Log, and Settings. You can view the most recent logs in the Show Log section. If you have run into any Kodi error, this is the section you will want to open to get the latest Kodi logs.

In case you want to view the older logs, you will find them in the Show old Log section.

In the Settings section, you can tweak some settings and customize the log display. We will talk about Settings later. First, let’s open Show Log.

how to check kodi log

11. This is how your Kodi log will look like. I am not sure why, but the logs are sorted by older first. For the most recent logs, you will have to scroll down all the way to the bottom. But, you can change how the logs are sorted and view the most recent ones first.

kodi error log

12. Run Log Viewer for Kodi again and this time open Settings.

where to find kodi error log file

13. This is what you will see in the Settings section. Enable the Invert Log (most recent first) to sort the logs to newer to older. Enabling this option will also enable the Number of lines to show. You can have All the lines displayed or choose the number you want (20, 50 and 100 are the other options).

kodi error details

If you would like to display the Kodi log automatically when the error has occurred, enable Show log when an error occurs.

Enable Use custom text box will show the logs in the full-screen mode.

14. Click OK to save changes.

Enable Debug Logging for More Information on Error

If Kodi or an add-on is behaving erratically, and you are looking to get help from the experts, you will want to make sure that you provide as much information about the error as possible. This helps the trouble-shooters at Kodi Support Forum understand the problem better and offer more relevant solutions.

Debug logging, when enabled, adds additional information about the error to the Kodi logs. This added information could be vital in resolving the issue. So, before you generate the log file using the ‘Log Viewer for Kodi’ or any other add-on, it would be worth your while to Enable Debug Logging.

Here is how you can do that:

1. Open the Settings menu by clicking the cog icon on the top left of the Kodi home-screen.

kodi settings

2. Now open the System from the list of the options on Kodi 19 or 18. It’s just System Settings on Kodi 17.

kodi system

3. Select Logging on the left sidebar and you will see the related options on the right. As you can see in the image below, switch the Enable debug logging on by moving the toggle.

kodi error log file location

4. The moment you do that, additional log information will start appearing on the top left of the Kodi window.

You don’t have to concern yourself with this information. But, it will add some really useful data to the Kodi log, which the developers or experts at Kodi Support Forum can use to fix the problem at hand. All you have to do is reboot Kodi after enabling this option and reproduce the error. Plenty of new details will be added to the log file.

I know this additional overlay on top of every Kodi screen could be pretty annoying. It might draw your attention away from the content while watching a movie or any other content. But, you don’t have to keep the ‘Enable debug logging’ turned on all the time. Once you have regenerated the error and added more details to the log, you can turn it off again.

How to Upload Kodi Error Log Directly to Server with Kodi LogFile Uploader

Log Viewer for Kodi plugin lets you view the logs. That’s good! But, what if you had to share the logs at the support forum or an expert? Of course, one way is to locate the log file on the device storage and upload the file to the Kodi support forum.  This seems like a long-drawn process and often users are not able to locate the log folder. Thankfully, there is an easier way.

You can upload your logs directly to the server and share the URL with the concerned persons using the ‘Kodi Logfile Uploader’ add-on. This add-on is also available on the official Kodi Add-on Repository.

I will show you how to install and use Kodi Logfile Uploader. I have disabled Debug Logging as it hides the icons on the top and the images will not be very clear to you. So make sure that you turn Debug Logging on before following the steps below.

1. Click Settings Gear icon on the top left side of your screen.

2. Open Add-ons.

kodi addon installer

3. Again open the Install from repository option on the next screen.

kodi log uploader

4. Select Kodi Add-on repository.

kodi log uploader

5. Now open Program Add-ons.

how to upload kodi error log

6. Scroll down to the K section and click the Kodi Logfile Uploader.

kodi logfile uploader

7. Click Install on the next screen (the button in on the bottom right).

kodi error log

8. Click OK to download dependencies.

kodi error log

9. Like always, wait for the add-on to install. When you see the Add-on installed notification on the top right of your screen, it means you are good to go.

kodi error log

10. Now return to the home screen and navigate to Add-ons > Program Add-ons and you should see the add-on icon here.

how to check kodi log

11. First, a prompt is displayed asking if you wish to view the logfile or upload it. Click View to just view the logfile. Click Upload to upload it.

12. Upon clicking upload, a new pop-up will appear with a URL. You can access this URL to view the logs. Share this URL with the description of the problem on the Kodi Support Forum.

check the log for more information kodi error

As you can see, there is a QR code for the log file. Just scan the code with your mobile and you will get the link to download the file on your device.

Every time you open this add-on, a new URL is generated with the updated logfile.

13. This is how the Kodi error log details will look like when viewed through the URL:

kodi error log

Kodi Error Log: Wrapping Up

When you bump into a Kodi error you cannot find the solution for, you could seek help from the Kodi Support Forum or any other Kodi expert you may know. There is a fair chance you will be asked for the Kodi log file. This file has all the relevant details of the Kodi error and helps find a more accurate solution. You can navigate to the kodi.log file through the path I have provided. However, if you find that a bit long-drawn, you can install the Log Viewer for Kodi and Kodi Logfile Uploader add-ons.

Both these add-ons are found in the official Kodi Add-on Repository. You don’t need the log file every day. But, when you get the error message “Check the log for more information,” you must know how to get it. That’s what this article is all about. I hope you found it useful.  Please feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions or questions. Thank you for reading!


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