Best Laptop Stand for Desk & Bed - iSwift Pi Review - Paper Thin Durable Laptop Desk

Hello guy’s, today we are going to review The iSwift PI foldable laptop desk.

The iSwift PI foldable laptop desk weighs only 2.5 pounds and has paper-thin slimness at only 0.2 inches when folded. The foldable and lightweight design of this laptop desk makes it easy to carry, store, and work from.

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As though the foldable and slim design is not enough, the iSwift PI is made of top-quality PU material for optimal water resistance and durability. This desk also has a sturdy design made possible by having two triangle legs and a wobble-free magnetic design.


Super Portable: iSwift Pi features 17.3"*9.4"*8.6", as the world's thinnest(0.2in) and lightest(40oz) laptop lap desk, it can easily folded and stored anywhere.


6-in-1 Versatile Modes: 6 modes in total allow you can work in your most comfortable posture no matter sit, stand or lie on the bed and switch at ease. iSwift Pi is your best solution for working from home.


Sturdy & Stable: 40 strong magnets and 2 triangle structure enable iSwift Pi laptop table have a remarkably solid support capacity up to 44lbs and avoid any wobble when use.


Premium Materials: Constructed by customized PU and stiff fiberglass, iSwift Pi lap desk is not only anti-scratch and stain-resistant, but also skin-friendly for daily use.


Ergonomical Design: 3 angles 60°,70°,75° in sitting mode are easy-adjustable for using laptops or tablets. Reducing soreness on your eyes/necks/backs, iSwift Pi laptop stand will strongly boost your productivity.


Ways to use the iSwift PI.


There are three main ways to use the iSwift PI. You can use it either as a pad, a desk or as a laptop stand. When using it as a flat pad, it has a thickness of only two inches. If you want to use it as a desk, you can choose from two heights (7.5 inches and 8.6 inches). Lastly, when using it as a stand for your laptop, there will be 4 angles to choose from, depending on what works best for you.

Device compatibility.


With the top surface of the iSwift PI desk measuring 17.3” by 9.4”, you can use a laptop of up to 17.3 inches without any challenges. This means that you can comfortably place a smaller laptop, a mouse, and your phone on the desk.

Summing up.


The iSwift PI is, without a doubt, a game changer as far as the WFH culture is concerned. With more and more people choosing to work from the comfort and convenience of their living spaces, this foldable laptop desk for beds should come in handy to guarantee comfort and better productivity when working. Besides, you can carry it with you and probably use it while on the go if required.


iSwift Pi has two triangle legs that can be folded flat or extended to give you a raised surface to work from, making sure you have a nice and comfortable time using your laptop at bed, sofa or anywhere.


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 iSwift PI Product Link:

10% Discount Code: eksored10

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Thanks for reading and see you soon.


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