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MOZSLY Watch Winder for Automatic Watches with Quiet Motor 12 Rotation Mode Setting Leather

Today we are going to review the MOZSLY Watch Winder.

MOZSLY Watch Winder Review

MOZSLY watch winder is a profession watch winder manufacturer, it combines ultra-quiet motors with precision design and variable rotation technology to create watch winder which suit many types of automatic watches. They are necessary tool for watch collectors.

MOZSLY Watch Winder Review Video:

MOZSLY Watch Winder

Let’s open the box and see what’s inside:

We have the MOZSLY Watch Winder itself.

AC adapter.

Serial Connector.

and a User Manual.


Mozsly is a brand that offers a wide selection of products designed to add value to everyday life. Although extensive, their choice of products all offers remarkable quality. Each product is hand-picked for its premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and unique design.


The MozslyWatch Winder for Rolex is just one of their impressive products, made to make the lives of avid watch collectors easier. This unique watch winder offers a contemporary look for the modern man.


The rectangular-shaped Mozsly is compact, neat, and its quality look belies its modest price. The watch pillow is made from memory foam, so it should accommodate most watches. The watch winder is available in a choice of four color options.


The winder has four rotation intervals and three directions, which, thanks to the Japanese -made motor, run almost silently. The Mozsly can be powered via the mains or AA batteries, making it an ideal travel companion. It is supplied with a two-year warranty.


Fashion design: MOZSLY watch winder selected orange PU leather and clear acrylic glass give this deluxe watch winder box a comfortable touch and nice look, a great gift option.


Super quiet: MOZSLY watch winder uses a Japanese Mabuchimotor, in combination with a gearbox inside the watch winder, makes it run extremely quiet, you can put it on anywhere and use it anytime, especially bedroom and office.


Multiple settings for TURNS PER DAY & rotation: 3 direction options (clockwise, counterclockwise or alternating) and 4 TURNS PER DAY settings from 650, 900, 1200, or 1500, suit for most mechanical watches on the market. (Note: Start the watch winder to rotate for few minutes and then stop, please wait patiently, and the watch winder will automatically run in the next hour, it will work hourly cycle.)


2 power type: MOZSLY watch winder can run on AC power (100-240V) or 2 x AA battery (not Included), connecting cable (provided) allows you to connect multiple watch winders together conveniently. These two power supply modes cannot be used at the same time. If AA battery power is selected, the AC Adaptor needs to be disconnected. If the AC Adaptor is selected, the AA battery needs to be removed.


Fits most watches: the MOZSLY watch winder comes with two pillows, suitable for most men's and women's mechanical watches. The interior foam cushion is soft enough to fit the watch band from 6.7 inches to 8.7 inches, watch dial not more than 55mm.


Battery powered and uses AC adapter

Offers 12 rotation modes

Japanese Mabuchi motor

Three different settings for direction


Who is it Best for?

This quality winder is perfect for any man who loves gadgets with a sophisticated yet unique look. This one by Mozsly looks as though it could double as an underwater viewing port or star in a space movie. The contemporary model of this winder is what makes it so appealing. The cube’s PU leather exterior combines with the clear acrylic glass window to leave you with a modern-looking device.


If black is not the shade for you, you can find this winder in brown, vibrant orange, and a carbon fiber style too.


If you’re looking for an excellent gift for the watch aficionado in your life, then this single watch winder makes a perfect choice. It is unique in every way, making a gift your loved one will never forget.

Key features:

 This Mozsly watch winder uses a Japanese Mabuchi motor that allows it to work efficiently and silently, allowing it to work away throughout the night without disturbing your sleep. The winder motor also works in conjunction with a gearbox that will enable winding free from magnetism that can damage timepieces.

You will find multiple settings for TURNS PER DAY and rotation that combine to offer 12 setting options in all. Four turns per day settings include 650, 900, 1,200, or 1,500 to suit any weight of the watch, and three directional settings clockwise, counter-clockwise, and bi-directional.


This timepiece winder operates off two power sources: an AC power adapter or two AA batteries. Use the batteries while you travel to keep the winder in motion, or plug it in with an adapter when you’re at home.




Offered in four unique finishes.

No magnetization.

Silent motor.




Not everyone will enjoy the design.


If you like the product, click on the icon below.

MOZSLY Watch Winder

Thanks for reading, and see you soon.


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