How to Install Wrestling on Demand Kodi Addon

This tutorial is about the How to Download and Install Wrestling on Demand Kodi Addon. We will try our best so that you understand this guide.

Wrestling on Demand Kodi Addon
Check How to Download and Install Wrestling on Demand Kodi Addon
You will learn how to install the Wrestling On Demand Kodi addon. Popularly known as WoD; This addon offers exclusive wrestling content. Wrestling On Demand Kodi addon offers weekly wrestling shows like Extreme Rules, Royal Rumble, Backlash, Money in the Bank, Wrestlemania and many more.

Wrestling On Demand Kodi Add-On has a user-friendly interface and elegant design. Also, this plugin has well-structured, organized and user-friendly subcategories. This addon has a meta description for every wrestling match and wrestling event in its database; That means you can preview any wrestling match before you watch it in full.

How to Install Wrestling on Demand on Kodi

Enable unknown sources
To install any addon, you need to give the system permission to install files from unknown sources that do not belong to Kodi. Here’s how to enable the option:

Locate the gear icon on the left side of the Kodi home page and click on it to access more configuration options.

Scroll to the bottom where System is and click on it.

Inside the Settings/System interface, you will see Plugins on the left.

Highlight it so that the related options are displayed on the right.

On the right you will see Unknown Sources in the third row, highlight the option and click on the option and the button will slide to the right.

There will be a warning message asking you to confirm if you are sure you want to enable the option, click Yes and continue.

Wrestling on Demand Installation

Since the addon is not part of Kodi, you will need to download it from another source and install it as a zip file. Below are the instructions for installation, but remember that depending on the version of Kodi you are on and the type of console you access Kodi with, the interface may be a little different. However, the general layout should be the same.

Once again, in the Kodi system interface, look for the Add Source option at the bottom left and click on the option.

In the empty space below the message that asks you to enter paths or browse media locations, type https://archive.org/download/wodrepo" and type WOD below the empty space where it asks you to enter the name.

Now go back to the Plugins settings and click on the box icon at the top to access the Plugins/Plugins browser.

Highlight and click Install from zip file. A black box will appear for you to locate the zip file you just downloaded from the path. Locate repository.wod-x.x.zip and click on it. Then click repository. If you couldn’t find it inside the Install from zip file directory, go back and check the spelling of the name.

Now, once you see the message in the top right corner that the Loo

 Wrestling Repository is installed, go back to Plugins / Plugin Browser and click Install from repository.

Locate  Wrestling Repository again once you are inside the repository installation setup. After that, go to Video Add-ons and scroll down to Wrestling on Demand. Once you tap on it, a screen titled Wrestling on Demand will appear with an install button in the bottom right corner. Then the system will ask you to choose the version of the plugin you want to install.

A message in the top right corner will tell you when it’s done. Go back to the Plugins interface and click Video Plugins.

Once you are inside the video add-ons, search for Wrestling on Demand and click on it. A black box titled IMPORTANT NEWS AND INFORMATION will appear, simply click the down arrow to continue.


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