Best Gaming Headset With Noise Cancelling Microphone Review

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Today we are going to review the Mozano CLS-200 Gaming Headset with Noise Reduction.

The Mozano CLS-200 Gaming Headset is The first PS4 gaming headset with a streamer gradient light effect RGB light strip on the edge of the earcup, and the shell adopts a mirror light effect design, the splendid lighting creates a wonderful game atmosphere. Different style from all previous gaming headphones.

Video Review:


Upgrade the design of light suspension head beam:

Lightweight without pressure, comfortable and breathable, enjoy music more relaxed and comfortable.

It's easier to listen to the sound and move the e-sports game:

Left and right stereo sound effects, effectively distinguish the sound source and move faster


New game bass adjustment:

Specially optimized for e-sports games, 50MM speaker sound unit and shocking sound.


So guy’s let’s open the box and see what’s inside:

We have the Gaming Headset.

Headphone Splitter.

And a User Manual.


The headset wire has the audio jack, a usb port specially for the RGB light on the headset and the mic. it has also the volume adjustment, you can minimize the sound or maximize it. plus a button for turnning on or off the light. as well on and off the mic if you want too turn off the mic while your streaming or you're on a call.


Immersive Stereo:

Gaming headset with microphone and 7.1 surround sound created by a professional custom team, and dual 50mm speaker drivers are engineered to produce detailed deep bass, accurate positional audio across any game environment. Balanced soundscape with ultra-low distortion for games, music, movies, and more.


Built for Comfort:

Professional PS4 gaming headset with super lightweight design which is less than 390G, comes with thick memory foam cushion pads, soft and full wrap earmuffs that optimize comfort even when you wear it for a long period. In addition, it is sturdy with an adjustable suspended headband so that you can find the perfect fit without constraint, no matter the head size.


360° Noise Cancelling Mic:


Upgraded starship design inspiration noise-canceling microphone picks up every detail with great sensitivity, and eliminate unwanted noise from environment, deliver messages clearly during gameplay and calling.


Universally Compatible:


Excellent compatibility &play, no driver needed. Support PlayStation 4, new Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, laptop, PSP, tablet, iPad, mobile phone.1st Gen Xbox One controller needs an extra Microsoft adapter(not included). With an 1 to 2 adapter included.


Imitation Mirror Shell Design:

We pioneered the design concept of adding a mirror surface to the appearance of the headset. Combined with the streamer gradient RGB light strip, can create a strong gaming atmosphere.


Streamer RGB Light:

There is a circle of RGB streamer gradient lights on the side of the headset, and we use a upgraded starship design inspiration noise-canceling microphone prototype.


Super Breathable Earmuffs:

The large-sized earmuffs are made of high-precision inert sponge material, which not only ensures sufficient comfort, but also does not feel pain even after wearing for more than 12 hours.


I’ve been using this headset for a couple days now and honestly they’re amazing. I love the design and the color way, the microphone and noise cancellation work very well. I’ve been using them on my ps4 as well as on my desktop to play some computer games and so far I love how high quality they are. You can use them for long hours and they won’t hurt, they’re very comfortable.

Overall, I’m very happy with this product and I recommend it for anyone looking for a nice headset for gaming or even for online school.


I liked the product very much. If you like it as well, I have put a link in the description that you can buy from there.


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