Divoom Ditoo Retro Pixel Art Gaming Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Hello guy’s, and welcome back to another article.
Today we are going to review the Ditoo plus speaker from Divoom.

The Ditoo plus is a small portable Bluetooth speaker, complete with a colored, pixelated screen, in the body of an old school CRT computer screen and keyboard. It comes in six different finishes, red, black, pink, blue, green, and white.

Let’s open the box and see what's inside:

We have the ditoo plus speaker comes comes in a hard plastic carry case, which was pretty cool.

Type-c cable for charging.

A bunch of stickers.

It even comes with a little gift bag.

Some instructions and a user manual.

It has a single speaker with a total power output of 10watts and includes a dual passive outlet at the rear. You can play music either via Bluetooth or by inserting a microSD card in (old school). I’m quite impressed with the audio quality produced. It’s very loud but it’s got a bit of punch behind it too, which is needed and I can feel it vibrate my desk while I’m typing this.

The speaker sits on four rubber feet, so it’s very secure and not shaking along the desk. It is just one speaker and very directional (up) and you’ll notice a change it quality when there’s an object reducing the projection of sound from the top.

Had it not been for the imaginative packaging holding the Ditoo saying that it’s an “Ultimate Music Experience” – I wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s a speaker. By far the most striking aspect of Ditoo has got to be its awesome retro design. (As you can see) The device literally looks like some sort of small retro computer which is sure to produce a real “WOW!” effect even before you turn it on.


Its weight of 500 grams mainly comes down to the 3000 mAh battery which enables it to play music for a whopping 6 hours before needing to recharge. This number can be shorter, however, depending on the brightness level, animations you have running on the screen and if the keyboard LED’s are turned on.

Speaking of sound quality, Ditoo performs great. While it has a small 10-watt, power output, it also has a digital signal processor which contributes to audio clarity across all volume levels. As mentioned, the small reflex port also helps in regard to audio quality and the bass, while not incredibly punchy, is still very noticeable and enjoyable – especially for a device as small as this. The Ditoo can get very loud and distortions only occur in certain songs at the absolute highest volume level.


It’s the  most popular retro Bluetooth speaker with a 3.55 inch led screen from Divoom. The combination of lovely form and practicality, it is our most compact mini speaker that fits perfectly into small spaces.

The Divoom Ditoo portable Bluetooth speaker with 10w high-performance drivers, makes it pump out more volume; comes with the unique DSP bass boost mode, plays your music with no distortion, even at maximum volume, perfect speaker for any room.


Built-in classic and nostalgic games, like the legendary Classic game, useful magic 8 ball, pixel slot, pixel cube... And use with our retro joystick and mechanical keyboards for more fun. Relax yourself from daily trivial and tedious work in no time.

Personalize by choosing a favorite clock face or album from Divoom APP. Create routines and alarms to start and end your day. Easy to play music & FM, check the weather and social media notifications, set alarms, and more.


Easy to create pixel art design at your finger tip or you can access over 1000+ designer in our free pixel art community from our Divoom app. You can chat, comment, and make friends with other artists.

You also have a simple coloring app, an alarm, a countdown timer, a stopwatch as well as a noise meter all accessible from the device itself. Once you want to access the plethora of its other features, you’ll have to connect it to the Divoom smartphone app.


Well tuned 10W DSP speaker and your pixel art design will play and dance to the equalizer. Isn’t it fun and cool? it is so the kawaii accessories and great for gaming setups.


So adsorbs and fun to play with. This little gadget helps to brighten your mood when you are stuck at home. You can use the Bluetooth capabilities to stream your Spotify music through and it actually sounds really good! Also great for a online yoga class on Zoom to better hear your yogi instructor.


You can leave it plug in to use as a table clock or bedside alarm. Build in white noise on the free app keep you working or sleeping well. It also got social media notification, thermometer and weather conditions features.

Ditoo provides a visual notification to remind you of an upcoming event, message or call. You can also record voice memos, upto 60 seconds long and includes voice changing if you wanted to have a laugh.


It’s a Nice Gift package & personalized greetings works great for a birthday, Christmas, graduation gift as well as other seasonal holiday event.


I love the Divoom Ditoo, it’s exactly what you want on your desk at home or at work. It’s a great little speaker, the visual notifications and gifs in general make me happy and when I get a 5 minute break, there a few games to pass the time.


The Divoom Ditoo is available now in a variety of different colors, you will find their links in the description below .


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