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Oladance Wearable Stereo Wireless Open Ear Earbuds Review

Hello guy’s, and welcome back to another video.
Today we are going to review the OladanceB1 Wearable Stereo.

Oladance is a wireless earphone with an open-ear design and is attached to the ear using a flexible titanium wireframe ear hook. it called wearable stereo speakers rather than earbuds due to this open-ear design.

They are a comfortable solution while also staying securely on the ears while we are outside on our runs.

Let’s open the box and see what's inside:

We have a Non-Charging Carry case with a Matte Black touch.

Oladance wearable stereo.

Type-c Cable for charging.

And a user manual.


True Open Ear Headphones:

Oladance Wearable Stereo features a completely open-ear design that earbuds rest gently and securely on top of your ear. The design of Oladance open earbuds was awarded the Red Dot Award in 2022. Oladance open ear headphones achieve the real nothing in your ear, compared with the in-ear headphones or bone conduction headphones. Oladance aims to deliver superior sound to you in a natural and comfortable way.


Unprecedented Comfort and 360° Superior Sound:

The sound quality of the Oladance earbuds has also been really great. The bass in particular is quite enjoyable thanks to the large 16.5mm dynamic drivers, which are three times the size of other earbuds, Oladance open ear bluetooth headphones create an audio experience that’s more like an intimate concert setting. Adopt the top bio-diaphragm technology, our open headphones offers a rich and consistent listening experience at any volume, from crisp and clear highs to excitingly powerful lows. Oladance open earbuds provide you with a transparent experience.


Smart Touch Control:

Play and pause your music, skip tracks, adjust volume, and take calls — all with only a tap. The Oladance Wearable Stereos feature a touch control glass panel that puts you in control, so you never miss or press the wrong button even when you’re on the move. That means that whether you’re chatting with Siri or browsing your newest playlist, you can control everything simply by tapping your Oladances with one finger.


Complete Transparency Mode Earbuds Anti Hearing Loss:

Oladance open earbuds focused on and achieved avoiding the most common health issue of traditional earbuds as Oladance earbuds never actually go inside your ear. There is no pinching of the auricle, no blockage of the ear canal, and no pain or damage to hearing. Enjoy the precise audio and extreme comfort of Oladance earbuds at ease, and say goodbye to all hearing health problems.


Environmental Noise Cancelling:

Better conversations start here. The Oladance’s microphone system is designed to lift and amplify your voice while putting a lid on other ambient noise in the background. The patented environmental noise canceling algorithm rebuilds the sound of your voice even when external noise threatens to stifle it.

And with nothing stuck in your ear, your conversations feel natural, as though the person is right there next to you.


Secure and Comfortable Fit, Sports Ready Earbuds:

Equipped with the multi-point support system that spreads the weight of the earbuds evenly across your ear, Oladance open ear headphones could perfectly fit the natural curve of your ear and avoid falling off. Feel comfortable wearing the open earbuds, whether you are sports, daily travel, meeting or working from home. Oladance offers you a stable fit that offers reassurance whatever the day brings.


Up to 16 Hours Playtime:

Built-in 160mAh large capacity battery and the breakthrough low-consumption algorithms patents, Oladance wireless open earbuds provide up to 16 hours of continuous play per charge as tested by Oladance laboratory when volume is at 50%. Actual playtime may vary depending on use and environment.


If you are like me, someone who doesn't like having earbuds jammed deep into my ears, if you want a great earbuds with an innovative design that doesn’t block your ears at all, a earbuds that let you hear both your music and surroundings at the same time; Look no further. Oladance B1 is an excellent Wearable Stereo Headphones with a super-long battery and the open-ear design for daily use other than sports.


Oladance B1 is currently available for a very good price. So, don’t miss out on this great deal. to view its price or buy it, you can access the offer by clicking on the link below.

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