Deeper Connect Air Review & Unboxing - Decentralized VPN (DPN)?!

Hello guys and welcome back, In this article I’m going to review the Deeper Connect AirDeeper Connect Air is a decentralized private network DPN and portable cybersecurity hardware designed to provide users with secure and private internet access.

Deeper Connect Air Review & Unboxing - Decentralized VPN (DPN)?!

What is a Decentralized Private Network?

Decentralized VPNs represent a paradigm shift from conventional VPNs by eliminating centralized control over server networks and relying on the contribution of countless users who offer their unused network traffic to others in a Peer-to-Peer manner.

Decentralized VPNs showcase the opportunity for people to become both users and service providers. So, the goal here is to create a Peer-to-Peer network, eliminating the need for a central point of control. People can onboard their nodes using laptops or mini-computers like Raspberry Pi.

Deeper Connect Air Review & Unboxing

Before going deeper and explaining the features of this smart technology product, let's open the box and see what's inside:

Deeper Connect Air Review & Unboxing

The Deeper Connect Air comes with a nice and slim packaging.

A Type-C to USB adapter.

And a Deeper Connect Air setup guide.

Deeper Connect Air Video Review:

The Deeper Connect Air has a great design with small and powerful Dual-antenna, enables maximum data transmission with multiple devices simultaneously.

A compact 3 by 6cm design lets you take the Deeper Connect Air anywhere you go. It’s Completely a wireless with no ethernet cables, Simply plug-n-play.

The device comes with a type-c port, you can choose using it with a 5V Charger or just use it directly with another device like smartphone or pc, it has also 2 small led light and a reset button.

Unlike deeper connect air, Deeper network has a bunch of device like Deeper Pico and deeper mini, and to see our Deeper Connect Pico video review check it from here.

Well, let me show you the features of Deeper Connect Air.

1. Decentralized VPN DPN:

The device utilizes a distributed node network to ensure a secure and efficient network connection. Users can access any website without worrying about censorship or data leaks. The unique tunnel aggregation technology provides faster network speeds as more users join. By leveraging user-shared real family IPs, it bypasses geographical restrictions and creates an open internet.

2. Smart Routing:

Depending on the user's needs, this device automatically selects the best network path, enhancing speed and stability. No more manual switching between different VPN tunnels; all applications are routed automatically according to user preferences. Local applications can directly access the network without passing through the VPN, optimizing user experiences with speed and efficiency.

3. Ads-blocker:

Say goodbye to annoying ads with the device's advanced firewall technology. It effectively blocks various types of ads on platforms like YouTube and Hulu by analyzing and filtering HTTP/HTTPS traffic.

The ads blocker It’s not only blocks website ads but also video ads, you can block youtube video ads on your device such as android, linux, windows macOS, iphone or ipad, as you see, all videos played well without the annoying ads.

4. App-relocator:

Users can access restricted apps from anywhere in the world, enjoying global internet resources. We support nearly 80 apps, including videos, music, instant messaging, hotels & flights, and more. This feature also allows users to significantly reduce subscription costs for services like Netflix, NBA, YouTube Premium, Hulu, and more, while also accessing lower airfare and hotel prices.

So let's test the App-relocator on Netflix to get the cheapest plan.

Netflix is available in more than 190 countries, so most people will have access to the streaming platform. However, its pricing differs quite a lot depending on your country.

Don’t despair, though, because this is where a App-relocator comes in. By using it, you can change your IP address to a location with the cheapest Netflix plan. This way, when you create an account, you get access to the cheaper Netflix rates.

The following table shows the cost of Netflix in different countries around the world. You will find it useful in your quest to get a cheap Netflix account with deeper connect air.


Netflix prices differ quite a bit depending on which country you are viewing from. Perhaps the cheapest Netflix in the world is in Pakistan, where the premium plan costs just 1100 Pakistani rupees, which at the time of writing is equal to just $3.84.


On the other hand, Switzerland and Lichtenstein, two tiny but affluent European nations, have the most expensive Netflix subscriptions, where the Premium plan costs around $28 per month.


5. Network Security & Privacy Protection:

The device provides enterprise-level network security and traffic visualization. It prevents malicious scanning, blocks harmful websites, and includes parental controls. The device continuously updates its database of malicious URLs, ensuring user safety. It also assigns different IPs to users when accessing different websites, making it difficult for internet companies to track user behavior.

6. Save Money Online:

This device can help you save on your online expenses through various means, such as zero subscription fees, earn income by sharing your unused internet bandwidth through Mining, getting cheaper flights and hotels, and obtaining cheaper internet subscription fees.

These are just a few highlights of the Deeper Connect Air. It runs on the custom-designed AtomOS network security operating system, which supports continuous feature development and allows third-party developers to add more functionalities.

Deeper Connect Air Price:

If you typically watch streaming sites or apps on your devices, or you want a secure your connection that's even more advanced; look no further. Deeper Connect Air DPN is an excellent network device with a small and stylish design that also has ad blocking and User-friendly.

I want everyone to know that you get exactly what you pay for with this device. I used this device on an unsecured wifi network. I believe it is worth the investment to protect your computers and mobile devices for use in such a wifi environment. You can used simple or advanced configurations and will do the job you need to have done. Again this is definitely worth the expense to protect your devices.

Deeper Connect Air is currently available for a very good price, Pay Once and No Subscription. So, don’t miss out on this great deal. And to view its price or buy it, you can access the offer by clicking on the link below.


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