How to Backup Kodi and Restore on Another Device

Most users will take more time to Set up Kodi, however it is a good idea to regularly backup all of your data from the Kodi app. Here, we'll demonstrate how to back up all of your Kodi configuration and settings using another external storage device so that you may restore them on any other devices with the simple use of the Backup Addon from the Kodi Repository. Additionally, most users will find the process of backing up and restoring their Kodi settings to be a headache; they all want to do the task quickly.

backup kodi settings

Here, we'll show you a few quick methods for backing up or restoring the configurations on your Kodi device. There are just two straightforward motives for carrying out these tasks: one, you want to share them with your friends, and second, in case something untoward occurs. Let's look at several quick ways to backup Kodi and restore it:

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Backup Kodi and Restore on Another Device Video: Tutorial:

Backup Kodi and Restore on Another Device:

  1. First, open the Kodi app on your device and select the System option on the Home Screen.
  2. In the System Page select the Add-ons optionin the menu.
  3. Now select the Install from Repository option form the options menu.
  4. Select the Kodi Add-on Repository.
  5. Scroll down and click on the Program Addons.
  6. In the page, you can see the Backup option and click on the Install button.
  7. Now get back to the home screen of the application and select the Configuration option.
  8. Select the Backup Add-on.
  9. Now it will not ask you to enter the remote path to save your configuration.
  10. If the process mentioned above is done, you have to go through the File Selection and make sure that all are perfect. If everything has been selected, do the process.
  11. If all the process has done Now press OK.
  12. Now the backup process gets started on the selected path.
  13. Wait a minute for the process to complete. Your entire build/addon will now be saved in the folder you selected previously.
  14. Now you have to Copy this backup folder to your new device via USB Drive or other method.
  15. Once the “Backup Folder” in on your New Device, launch Kodi and then follow steps above in order to install the Backup add-on onto your new Kodi device. 
  16. The only exception is that you have to click on “Restore” instead of “Backup” and specify the restore folder that you have your Kodi build/addon saved in.
  17. Once your restore folder is specified, press the “Restore” function again.
  18. Choose the Restore Build/Addon you want to load onto this device.
  19. Wait a minute for the process to complete again.
  20. Once finished, you will want to restart your Kodi device and the new box should now have your complete build again!

Restore Kodi without any backup tools:

How to Restore Kodi Backup Alternative:

Backup and Restore Kodi from PC to Android:


The Kodi transfer options we listed above appear straightforward and manageable for everyone. However, there are also a lot of failure situations. Take Method 1 - Backup on kodi on usb flash drive for an all-in-one and effective Kodi backup and transfer solution.

With the "PC to PC" transfer method, Kodi backup on a USB flash drive also makes it possible to directly move Kodi data from one PC to another. 


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