How to Install Android TV on Bootable USB - Updated Version

In this Article, you will get android tv system without android box, all you need is a usb flash drive , Android TV iso File, and a utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives. it's recommended that you have a USB Flash Drive more than 16 gb to have more speed while browsing.

How to Install Android TV on Bootable USB

Install Android TV on Bootable USB Video:

Android TV : or

Rufus :

On media streaming devices, the Android TV operating system is relatively common. For non-smart TVs, there are products like Mi Stick, Google TV, and Nvidia Shield that provide an Android TV experience. 

Installing Android TV on your old PC will allow you to create your own video streaming device. By setting up Android TV on your computer, you may also dual boot your system. Let's look at the guide on how to quickly install Android TV on any computer or laptop.

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Install Android TV In Your Old PC

  • So let's get started, first of all, you need to download the 2 files i will leave them below the video, plug your usb to your laptop, open Rufus Software and do the same as i do.
  • Wait a moment until the usb flash drive will be formatting and transferring data.
  • Now go to the usb files and delete this 3 zip files.
  • Select the 4gb zip file and drag it to desktop, click on extract here and wait a moment again. this file save all your data, so you can plug the usb on any device Without the need to start downloading your applications from the scratch.
  • Now delete the 4gb zip file inside the usb files and drag back the data.img file.
  • Now, restart your desktop or pc and click the boot key (F9) to start with usb.
  • And that's it guys, now you have android tv version 9 on your laptop the same on Xiaomi tv.

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