Superbox S2 Pro Review 🔥 Lifetime Subscription! ⭐ How It Works? ⭐ Superbox S2 Pro Setup 👍

 Hi guys for today's article we're gonna talk about superbox S2 Pro.


Superbox is different from any android box in the market and we will show you how it works on this video.


Before that, let’s see what’s inside the box.


We have the superbox s2 pro Media Player.

Remote Control.

HDMI Cable.

Power Supply.

& User Guide.


Super box s2 pro is a pre-loaded box it means it comes fully loaded with free tv and everything's included like sports packages, premium channels ppv, everything is already on the box as well as on demand. So,  you can get all the movies that you want.


Superbox s2 pro is the latest model of superbox this comes with playback feature which the older version of superbox does not have.


playback gives you the ability to watch those sports events and use channels you have missed for the last 7 days.  that feature is for free and is included on superbox s2 pro, no monthly fees, no yearly fees, everything is included.


Now let me show you how to set up the box, once you got the box from the mail and includes the box a power cord, hdmi and remote control, plug the power on the wal, hdmi to your tv and once you turn on the box and tv, you will see this on your screen.


First thing to do is to connect it to your internet at the lower left of your screen you will see the gear icon, which is settings and you will see the lists of the network available in your area, look for your wi-fi name enter the password connect and then go back to your home screen.


Now, to get the complete apps you have to go to the app store, select app store and these are the pre-loaded apps that you may select and download.


To see the true benefit of this box this is where you're gonna find it on blue tv, blue v.o.d and playback.


Now click all three of them and wait for it to fully download, go to live tv click plus icon and select blue tv hit the back button and as you can see it is added.


Choose blue tv to watch live channels sport events and many more, to check for the guide press the ok button on your remote and you will see the channels and upcoming shows.


Now let's open v.o.d, click v.o.d on the screen plus icon and select blue v.o.d, this is where you're gonna get all the on-demand movies content, select one and you will see all the categories of the movie you're looking for.


To add the playback you have to do the same process, now you will see the news sports events and pay-per-view for the last seven days.


Well, that's it for today, there will be a link on the description down below and a coupon code if you're interested to purchase super box s2 pro.


Don't forget to subscribe, share, like, and hit the bell icon to receive notifications and never miss an update.


Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.


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