HLDS UD10NS20 Universal Data Station DVD for Android/Mac OS/ Windows & Fire OS

Hey guys, today we gonna review the UD10NS20 Universal data station from HLDS.

UD10NS20 Universal data station

HLDS  UD10 has many ports and in addition a redesigned Android App to further increase its functionality towards users.

HLDS Universal Data Station Video Tutorial:

UD10 Product Link: https://amzn.to/3cbn76a

HLDS continues to innovate and today introduces the Universal Data Station (UDS). So what is an UDS drive? And what it can offer to users?

Universal Data (UD) Station aims to "make data management in daily life easier" by diversifying the methods of recording, storing, sharing, and playing back data. That means easier data management using laptops and tablets while working from home or attending distance education. You can connect to various storage devices such as CD & DVD, SD card, USB memory, and external HDD. In addition to Windows and Mac OS compatibility, UD Link app enables connectivity with Android OS. Lastly provides convenience in transferring personal data stored in multiple cloud storages onto DVD and SD card.

UD (Universal Data Station) is a USB Type C External ODD drive with two USB Type an input ports & micro SD card reader. Universal Data Station connects laptop with Type-C USB cable and provides additional Type-A USB ports. It is a perfect choice to newly released laptops with less  &  without Type-A USB Port since users do not need to purchase additional multi-USB hub. Universal Data Station contains four ports that can be linked to multiple PC accessories. Users can connect all the devices to UD Station at once.

The first UDS drive from HLDS comes with the UD10NS20 codename. Users can use this device not only to burn & read CD & DVD media but also transfer media and view the content to an HDMI device with the integrated HDMI hub (more on this later on).

Apart from the hardware part, the UDS comes with a new powerful and redesigned app that supports watching DVDs on Android-based TV, tablets, and Smartphones, backup from your files to external media and much more. This product can play DVD on Android-based TVs such as Sony, Sharp, or Panasonic by connecting the USB cable (Type-C) included.

1.  Features & Specifications

·         Win 10 & MAC OS Compatible.
·         Android Connectivity.
·         M-DISC™ Support.
·         Silent Play.
·         Super Multi Compatibility.
·         8x Writing Speed.
·         HDMI 1.4 Output.
·         USB 3.0 ports.
·         MicroSD reader.

2. The package.

  • ·The HLDS UD10NS20 comes in a small box and will be available from the link in description shortly, For now there is only one color, gray.
  • · The retail box at the back includes all the needed logos and information for users.

  • · Opening the box you will find the drive along with a printed manual and a long (60cm) USB-C to USB-C & A cable.

  • · The main drive is very good protected and is slight bigger and heavier (144 x 152 x 14mm, 240gr) compared with a typical external optical storage drive (144 x 137.0 x 14mm, 200gr).

  • · At the front there is only the UD Station logo, a green power indicator & eject button and the emergency removal hole.

  • · At the top there is only the UDS logo.

  • · At the bottom area there are all the product specifications among with model number (UD10NS20) and serial number & manufacturing date.

  • · At the right side area, there are three ports, a micro SD & SDXC and two USB3.0 ports.

  • · At the back there are also three ports, an HDMI 1.4 port, a USB 3.0 Type C (for Android Host) and another USB 2.0 Type C for Power Delivery (max 60Watt).

  • · The micro SD port is rated up to 104MB & sec, while the USB 3.0 port can go up to ~400Mb & sec, delivering good read I & O performance.

3. UD Link App.

The HLDS UDS product apart from the "normal" optical reading & writing can be used also to be connected with Android enabled devices (like Smartphones & Tablets & AndoirdTV & Amazon FireHD, etc.).and in general with the Android operating system.

The retail package states that the device is compatible with Android 8.0 or higher. That means you can connect the external UDS to an android device (via USB Type C) and use it to view DVD-Video, listen to Audio CD and backup the contents of the Android device and many more as we will see later on.

4. Music Playback.

Let’s now start playing around with the UD Link app. First we inserted a pressed Audio CD, The UD Link app, uses Gracenote engine to recognize the disc and displays Text information and graphics as well (network connection is required). As you can see all track titles are displayed perfectly, along with the CD Cover.

5. Audio CD Ripper.

Next we tried to perform an Audio CD Ripping. The UD Link software have already recognized all CD tracks with title names and CD cover. You can select all or some tracks to rip.

6. Audio CD Burner.

The UD Link app also supports creating Audio CDs for home or car use. Its supports CD-R media with FLAC, MP3, M4A, WAV, OGG, AAC files, either from internal storage & USB memory or Cloud location.

7. Data Backup.

Apart from the Audio CD backup, the UD Link can also backup normal files either in local storage (CD-DVD, USB flash disk) or in Cloud.
Apart from the mp3 files, we also added various pictures. We had selected the CD-DVD button and we press the "Start Backup" process.

8. The Hardware.

Using the latest OptiDriveControl v1.80 software we checked the drives abilities. The drive supports up to 24X CD-R, 8X DVD+ & -R write, 6X DVD+ & -R DL and 5X DVD-RAM writing speeds. The software indicates that the drive doesn't supports DVD+ & -RW DL media, which is false, the drive can read and write them perfectly.


if you are looking for a sleek, compact, portable USB Hub DVD writer because you have no built-in DVD drive on your PC, laptop, phone or TV, then look no further! Designed with high speed USB 3.0 technology, this Multi Hub DVD writer provides super-fast data transmission and stable performance using our state-of-art app and is compatible with a wide range of devices.


this portable multi hub DVD writer and CD burner is slim and compact so you can easily take it along with you in your work or school bag. Use to install software, play and transfer movies or music, back up data, watch videos, or to securely save your precious photographs and memories. Supporting DVD’s, CD’s, HDMI, SD cards and with multiple charging sockets, this is an essential piece of kit that you will never want to be without.


using the Multi OS UD link app, this universal data station drive offers power delivery and a maximum writing speed of 8x for DVD’s and 24x for CD’s. The reading speed is a maximum of 8x for DVD’s and 24x for CD’s. Never worry about running out of charge again, simply use this multi hub DVD writer as a power bank to link up to your device using one of the multiple USB ports provided.


this universal data station drive has multi OS compatibility and works perfectly with Android  &  Fire OS devices including your smartphone, tablet, TV and TV box. Connected via a USB cable and operated using our easy to use Multi OS UD link app, you can transfer movies, photos and other files in just seconds at a data transfer rate of 5Gbps, with no lag or distortion.

UD10 Product Link: https://amzn.to/3cbn76a

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