Kodi 19.4 Matrix has just been released - available for download and install

The Version Kodi 19.4 “Matrix“ it's available for download and install , the forth update of this controversial version that incorporates improvements and corrections.

NOTE: Kodi Team has release a new version Check out the New Version of Kodi Here: Kodi New Release

kodi 19 4 matrix

Undoubtedly Kodi is the most popular content manager today and as we know the most important change in this version is on the add-ons aspect, now are based in Phyton 3 and this will block all add-ons that are not updated, something that will certainly generate many problems. 

On the other hand there is more control over add-ons that will block the ability to overwrite official repositories. We will also have improvements to play contents based on the AV1 codec, now it is possible to decode this format by software. You have in this same article the complete list of changes of this new version that represents the future of KODI for the next years.

It's point release o'clock once more, so, without further fanfare, I give you Kodi "Matrix" 19.4: more bug fixes, some backports, no real new features. Full changelog since 19.3 on Github, as usual.


Fix: Home screen context menu fix for when there are more than 10 items in menu.

Fix: Seekbar wouldn't disappear after 5 sec when using remote app e.g. Kore or JSON to pause Kodi.


Fix: English keyboard missing semi-colon.

Fix: Chinese keyboard character now displaying correctly.


Fix: Artist discography export to NFO.


New: Sort method for recordings based on season and episode.

Fix: Crash when navigating an empty guide.

Fix: Hiding/deleting channel group now working correctly.


Fix: Any Favourites for a restricted/locked media source are now hidden.

Fix: Blu-ray ISO title and watched status now displayed correctly.

Fix: Wrong language identified from subtitle name corrected.


Fix: EDL mute now working.

Fix: ASS subtitles display now working correctly.

Android specifics

Fix: Audio buffers adjusted.

Fix: Various TrueHD stutter/dropout issues corrected.

Linux specifics

Fix: Automatic play of DVDs.

MacOS specifics

Fix: Mouse cursor positioning in full-screen.

Windows specifics

Fix: Flickering with interlaced H.264 SD on AMD GPUs.

Fix: Crash on unexpected network configuration (e.g. no MAC address obtained).

Xbox specifics

New: Passthrough audio via WASAPI.

Fix: Permission error preventing installation of Python add-ons.

Thanks, as always, to everyone who has helped us track down and fix any issues.

As this is a point release, there are no major changes since the previous version, and you should be fine to install this straight over the top of any existing Kodi 19.x installation - indeed, this will happen automatically on many platforms. However, as for all software installations, back up your userdata beforehand if you've any doubts or have anything you can't afford to lose (and definitely do this if you're going for a major version upgrade).

If you're interested, you can read the merged PRs here. If you want to read back on the full history of v19 itself, or of previous versions, you can find the corresponding articles in the relevant blog posts.

Application deployment on different platforms (notably the Microsoft Store) can vary considerably due to circumstances outside of our control, so just be patient, and the update will inevitably find its way through.

Android Deployment

Please note that we are currently unable to provide this update via the Google Play Store. An updated Google requirement demands that apps now target API level 30 (Android 11) as a minimum, while Kodi targets API level 29 (Android 10).

As such, we're unable to upload 19.4 to the Play Store, although 19.3 will remain available. However, for those who want the new release, 19.4 can be downloaded from our servers and installed manually:

Download Kodi 19.4 Matrix

Download installer Kodi v19.4 Final for Windows 64bit, for all current PC’s.

Download installer Kodi v19.4 Final for Windows 32bit, for very old hardware.

Download apk Kodi v19.4 Final for Android 32bit ARM V7A, compatible with all TV-Boxes

Download apk Kodi v19.4 Final for Android 64bit ARM V8A, only for NVidia Shield TV, Realtek and some Rockchip SoC’s.

Download Kodi v19.4 Final for iOS, To install Kodi for iOS you must have a jailbroken iDevice running iOS 6.0 or higher (8.0 or higher recommended). Just open your favorite package manager and search for Kodi in the BigBoss repository.

NOTE DOWNLOAD: there are browsers that block EXE and APK download, use right click “Save link as”, then in the download tab below click on the little arrow above next to “Discard” and select SAVE.



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