Minisopuru 10Gbps USB C Hub with 100W PD Charge Review

Hello guy’s, and welcome back to another review, Today we are going to review the minisopuru BD118G 10Gbps USB C Hub with 100W PD Charge for MacBook Air, Pro, iMac and android devices.

Minisopuru 10Gbps USB C Hub with 100W PD Charge Review

The Minisopuru BD118G is a great USB C Hub with 10Gbps Superspeed Transmission, 100W PD USB C Hub Power Delivery, Portable and Multiple Data Interfaces and Strong Compatibility.

So guys, let’s open the box and see what’s inside:

The minisopuru BD118G

  • We have the minisopuru USB C Hub.
  • And an instruction manual.

The minisopuru BD118G Video Review:

Let’s Discover the features of this device:

10Gbps Superspeed Transmission:

USB C Splitter expands into 4 USB C ports up to 10Gbps, transferring your data and completing work efficiently in seconds. Please note that you need to configure the corresponding data cable for the Minisopuru USB C to USB c Hub to achieve 10Gbps speed.

100W PD USB C Hub Power Delivery:

The Minisopuru USB-C splitter supports power charging and the PD port supports up to 100W input and up to 90W (safe) continuous power to charge your laptop. Please note that the Power Adapter is not included and ensure that your laptop's USB-C port supports charging.

Portable and Multiple Data Interfaces:

The USB c hub multiport adapter size is only 3.5 * 1.5 * 0.7 inches, perfect for working, or traveling. Minisopuru USB C Hub is equipped with 4 data ports 10Gbps, and can easily connect multiple Type-C external devices including hard drives, flash drives, mice, etc.

Strong Compatibility:

USB-c hub works for all devices configured with a USB c port. Compatible with: Macbook Pro 16 inches, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface Laptop 3,Surface Pro 8, Go, Chromebook, Google PixelBook Go, Galaxy Tab Pro S, HP Spectre Convertible, Huawei Matebook, etc.

The minisopuru BD118G USB c hub multiport adapter ONLY supports data transfer and Power Delivery, Not Support Video.

This has 4 USB-C ports plus a separate powered port, so you can charge your laptop and peripherals without having to sacrifice one. It's well made from aluminum, has a great feel to it, and is lightweight. It's fairly rugged, so I'm not worried about tossing it in my backpack and it getting banged around or scratched up like the plastic ones do.

Transfer speeds are as advertised, and the product just works. So happy to have found this and it's going to get a lot of use..

The minisopuru BD118G is currently available for a very good price. So, don’t miss out on this great deal. And to view its price or buy it, you can access the offer by clicking on the link in description below.

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